As writers, you would have heard the saying ‘keep your muse alive, it is the only thing you have got.’ The big question is, what happens if your muse comes visiting when you are away from your laptop? What if an unforetold event happens and you wind up without your personal computer for a few weeks? Would that be the end of you writing?

 It needs not be. Some applications can help you with your writing, even on mobile. With many of us not having the discipline to put our phones away, these apps might be able to help us write a little more. Think that’s cool? Let’s roll: 

I must say at this point that this list is not in any way unbiased. I have used all the apps on the list, and that is why they made it here. 

1. Google Docs

The undisputed king of mobile writing. 

Google Docs gives you the equivalent of Microsoft Word in the palms of your hand. Complete with its autosave function, Google Docs is part of the Drive family, meaning there is always a backup of your file that you can recall wherever you at anytime you need it. 

Features that makes Google Docs worth your while
  • Automatic Saves
  • Permission Abilities
  • Creation and Editing Abilities
  • Version Control Features and the list goes on!

The only thing you can hold against Google Docs is the fact that you must have internet connectivity to use the app. Beyond that, it is smooth sailing. 

2. Jotterpad

If you are not sure what type of writing you are looking to get into, Jotterpad offers a free form space to start from. While the free version of the app offers some good stuff, the premium version unlocks all the juice. 

Features that makes JotterPad worth your while
  • Automatic Saves
  • Word counter
  • Cloud storage options
  • Split-screen (subject to device) 

3. Keep (Google Keep)

If you like Google Docs but do not like to leave your internet connection on throughout the writing process to avoid distractions or due to some other reasons, Keep will be the perfect replacement. A stripped-down version of Google docs housed in a separate app. You can write while offline and sync your writings once you are online. 

Features that makes JotterPad worth your while
  • Automatic Saves
  • Collaborative Abilities
  • Add in pictures, recordings, and checklists
  • One-click upload to Drive

4. Novelist 

If you are a storyteller and looking forward to writing Novellas or even a novel, this is the app for you. With a fantastic UI, the app is simple yet efficient. 

Features of Novelist that makes it a great writing tool
  • Google Drive support 
  • Seamless book preview 
  • Above-average Editing Abilities
  • Multiple formatting Features

5. Pure Writer 

There is always something about unobstructed writing apps, they take out the fluff and let you get straight to the writing. Pure Writer is just like that; nothing stands between you and your writing. It also saves as you write.

Pure-Writers is an amazing tool, here’s why
  • Automatic Saves
  • History features (are you kidding me?)
  • An extensive saving function
  • The pro version is inexpensive

There you are; I know I might have left your favorite app out. For that, I apologize. If you are a budding poet or a pro, you should try YourQuotes.
The images the app allows you grace your words with are awesome. You might even find the daily writing prompt energizing enough to keep you writing. 

So long, friends, till I come your way again, keep writing.

Here are out top 5, but we also have some honorable mentions (Some might argue that they should be included in the top 5)

  • Microsoft Word
  • Focus Writer
  • EverNote
  • Markor (the minimalism is sleek)
  • Grammarly Keyboard

Note: This list is curated for the best applications software for both operating softwares (Android & iOS), some applications which might not be found on the iOS app store will be available for Android users on the Play Store and vice-versa.

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