80 of the Best Hashtags For Writers in 2020

Hashtags are a thing that has come to stay, whether you like it or not. From event banners to social media posts, we get them glaring back at us every time.
Now what does the presence of hashtags mean for writers, what hashtags are best for writers to include in their works and how can they capitalize on it?

What are Hashtags?

An hashtag is defined by Dictionary is a word or phrase preceded by a hash mark (#).

It is usually used within social messages and posts to identify a keyword or topic of interest and facilitate a search for it.

The hash-tagging trend began on Twitter years back when users of the platform created it as a unique means to reach to specific people in a niche.

Its popular acceptance led to the company officiating it as an official feature of the platform.

Ever since then, hashtags have become of universal use as other major and even developing social media sites and other forums took it up as part of their features.

Best Hashtags for writings

#writing #writers #amwriting #writingcommunity #writinglife #write #writerslife #IndieAuthors #literature #creativity #WIP #lovewriting #wordporn #writersofinstagram #writerscorner #wordgasm #creativewriting #scribbledthoughts #poetsandwriters #words

Best Hashtags for poetry

#poetry #poems #poetrycommunity #poema #poetryislife #PoetryIsNotDead #poetsofinstagram #igpoetry #spilledink #poetryisnotdead #poetrylovers #poemsporn #blankverses #spillpoetry #thoughts #poetscorner #amwritingpoetry #poetsofig #instapoetry #poesia

Best Hashtags for fiction, non-fiction and story tellers

#writing #writingfiction #writinglife #fiction #storytellers #deadtales #story #art #storyteller #literature #storytime #books #bookstagram #booklovers #WIP #AmWriting #WritingPrompt #documentary #filmmaking #igwriters #fantasy

Best Hashtags for scriptwriting

#script #scriptwriting #writinglife #Editing #WriteGoal #WIP #amwriting #drama #scripts #film #cinema #life #storytime #movies #creativity #writing #amwriting #read #letterings #play #acting #actorslife #typography

Reasons Why Writers Should Care About Hashtags

Since hashtags have gotten so much popularity in the digital world, it also has proven to be a secret door to the success of many web-users. It also has proven to be of great use to people in the #WritingCommunity.


Discovery is the most essential usage of hashtags. Hashtags helps writers reach more audience in the social media space.

Since there are millions of contents being dished out on social media daily, it is easy for one’s content to get lost amidst competing with all the memes flying in and out of social media.

Including hashtags on your post ensures that one’s content gets seen by people who are engaging visitors of the writing tag.


Sometimes there are topics to debate on or give opinion on. Hashtags have proven to be the best means of connecting and holding meaningful conversations with followers and other social media users.

Writers on Twitter especially have found this habit of theirs highly useful. The #WritingCommunity is the strongest of them all.


Many movements in the various writing communities own their unique hashtags. This helps in organizing and getting more people interested in such movements.

E.g #ABookForAGirl #BlackLivesMatter and so on are all movements which were ignited through social media hashtags.

Now, such tags even get their own space on billboards.


For many events in the writing space, hashtags are created for participants to have a place to connect, share ideas and network.
Courses, seminars, open-mics now usually own hashtags too.


Social media doesn’t have to be all business and serious all the time. Hashtags help in creating a fun and lively experience for web-users.

Writers can create tags like #WritingWithMyDogDay or #WriteSleeping to show their fellow writers some humorous part of them while writing.

Guidelines to Using Hashtags

Each social media own their specific limit of hashtags allowed on posts. Some allow more to give a large option for users, while others permit less so as to keep the sanity of the community. This contains the guidelines to using hashtags on your social media posts as a writer.

Stick to the best hashtags

There are literally millions of hashtags around the social media world today and it is better to stick to the best performing ones instead of dabbling around every time you wish to make a new update on social media. For writers, that is #writingcommunity, poets – #poetry etc.

Don’t be spammy with your hashtags

Have you seen how a lot of people include more than 20 hashtags on single post?

This makes the post clumped and spammy.

Be civil with the numbers

I recommend utilizing at least three hashtags on your posts with the maximum of 5-10 hashtags.

In most cases, it’s not usually about the number of hashtags included in a post that matters. It is usually how effective the hashtags are to your post and potential audience.

Provide Value

Whatever you’re sharing, endeavor to make sure it provides value to your readers or viewers. Provision of value leaves a good impression on your readers and they might even choose to follow your account, buy your book or a cup of coffee.

Where Can You Use Hashtags

Just as said above, the usage of hashtags is now global and most sites with users have that feature in various forms. However, some sites seem to work better than many others.


Let’s give it up for the originating platform for hashtags, emojis and a whole lotta other social features; Twitter!

The #writingcommunity on Twitter is stronger than any other social media network.

It provides a lot of tag choices for members on the site and is the easiest community to join.

For budding creative writers who are looking towards joining the conversations with their fellows, Twitter is the best place.

For the best practices on how to maximize your usage of hashtags on the Twitter community, check the guidelines set by Twitter themselves.


IG (as famously known) is also a really strong community for writers and authors.

It is a visual social media site and is filled with a lot of youths and younger generation social media users.

It allows the addition of hashtags to images, stories and even profiles.


LinkedIn is the world’s largest social media network for professionals.

It is also home to a great community of writers (professional and budding).

Though the full potential of the LinkedIn writing community is yet to fully experienced, it is indeed a great community to be as it offers better algorithms for social media posts than ALL other major social media networks.


Yeah! The grand-dad of them all.

Despite the fact that hashtags are not a big part of the world’s largest social media site, it still in fact provides a large ground for users who do include hashtags in their posts.

With hashtags on posts, Facebook users can get to check out hashtags that interests them and follow the posts and updates made by their friends and others.

In recent times, the company has been exploring a lot of hashtags by turning them into challenges so others can participate.

This is boosting the usage of hashtags on the platform.


Unlike other social media networks, Pinterest allows users to create posts as pins (which are all images). The tags are included on these pins.

It’s writing community is not all that great but it offers a lot for writers who are willing to get their works seen by other writers and potential readers.

It is also a highly effective social media platform for those interested in selling their books to newer audience.

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