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What are the best forums to publish and get critiques for your poetry, short stories and creatives writing on the internet?

Yes, I can relate!

Writing can be really tedious and not having someone there when you need an extra eye on that supposed masterpiece of yours could drag you down the hyped chain you were at the beginning of such work.

Sometimes, we all need to feel that we’re not alone with this tingling feeling at our backs after we’ve spent hours on hours on our PC breathing life into words and constructing events, plots and characters – or mayber just a poem we’re writing, suddenly the muse just disappears and we wonder how we got here.

We just want some space where we can breathe and find people who understand what we’re going through because they might be in same (or bigger) shoes.

This is why there is the necessity for gatherings of literary creatives, a place where writers, poets and story-tellers can go to ask questions, get feedbacks, learn something new and become better with their works.

In today’s article, we shall be delivering the best forums and writing communities for poets, writers and story-tellers (script-writers).

These are communities to share your works also as a means to grow your audience reach.

13 Forums and Communities for Poetry

Online communities for poets to connect, critique their works as well as grow an audience of readers for their works.

AllPoetry Forum

AllPoetry is the largest poetry sharing site in the world and the forum is dedicated to critiquing and reviewing of poems made by members of the community.

The simple goal of the forum is to poets to critiques. Users have the ability to create their own groups with known poets and critique and sharpen one another’s poetic skills.


This forum has over 21,000 topics on poetry made on the platform.

It is a creative workshop that provides the harshest of critiques as well as the mildest of it as is requested by the poet.

There are numerous threads that encourages discussion in the community.

Features such as poetry exercises, post-a-translation of a poem, share prose discussions even, as well as post visual art; these encourages interaction at various degrees and are what’ve kept this site on the top page of forums for poets.

PigPen Poetry

A poetry forum for sharing and receiving honest feedback and critiques on poetry.

The forum has a well-engaging community of poets and poetry devourers who do so much to ensure the take a bite of every poem recorded on the platform.

Highly recommended for those just starting out with poetry and are looking for honest feedback for their works.


The poetrynook forum is a growing literary community of poets that encourages discussion on poetry and everything else related.


Definitely one of the largest poetry forum on our list.

This forum’s aim is majorly to showcase poets of all levels to the thousands of readers on the site.

The site features workshops, proses, visual/performance art, journals and even essays and even supports discussion on various (on & off) topics such as photography, coronavirus, technology and others.

ArtHut Facebook Community

Our Facebook community features an engaging member-base of over 6,000 members critiquing and reviewing poems from both novice and expert poets alike. The group also acts as a connect center for those with questions relating to poetry or other forms of literature.

Writing Forums: Poetry

WritingForums.com is one of the largest writing forums and it’s poetry thread/section is a help-point that has helped improve many poems posted in the online community for creative writers.

The Poet Sanctuary

A growing community of amateur and professional poets sharing and critiquing work in the community.

FamilyFriendPoems Forum

The forum is aimed a community for sharing and receiving reviews and critiques on poems by poets. The forum is a birth-child of the FamilyFriends Poem website, one of the best sites to publish poetry and is a community of bards sharing and improving themselves in the art of poetry.

Deep Underground Poetry

The DUP forum is not just for sharing and critiquing poems and literature works but also is a site aims to keep poets updated with the latest happening in the world poetry and all things literature.

Poetry For All 

An online poetry workshop for beginners and experts alike to share their views on people’s pieces and work on the improvement of budding writers.

PoetrySoup Forum

PoetrySoup is one of the best sites to share poetry and its forum is nothing less of exceptional.

It is an online community dedicated strictly to poetry. Forum members discuss, share, critique and review poetry works and everything else related to poetry.

RhymeZone Poetry Forum

Rhymezone is an boisterous poetry forum with thousands of poems share and critiques.
With over 10,000 poems share and 60,000 reviews gotten, this platform really is an active poetry forum and one to check out for engagements.

It even features and in-build riddles and rimes thread as well as a word rhyming software.

Passion in Poetry

This forum features poetry writings of all kinds – gives readers access to various resources as well.

11 Forums/Communities for Storytellers/Fiction Writers

These forums are communities for writes to share and receive critiques and reviews on their stories and fiction works. They also provide resources and workshops to members


With over 135,000 stories shared from 19,000+ authors, ABCtales is definitely the online forum for writers to share your fictions and stories on.

Apart from being a great platform to gather critiques on how to improve one’s creatives writings, stories and other works of fiction. ABCtales.com also helps creative writers promote their works to a wider audience.

Fantasy Writers Forum

Just as the name of the website implies, the forum is a community for fantasy writing forum for writers to share and make reviews on their works.


This writing forum was created for writers who participate in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).

This writing forum was created for scribes who like to participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month.) Writers can find discarded plots, help with writing problems and encouragement from other creative writers.


BookRix is an online community for authors of poetry and prose to upload their work on for feedbacks and reviews.


An online forum for writers of short stories and fiction.

To post your own works on the platform, you have to leave a review of another member’s piece as a way to grow engagements.


A community for creative writers to share their works and get critiques and reviews from community participants.

The Literature Network

The Literature Network is a forum that allows the sharing and engaging of Short Stories for critiques, reviews and audiences.


FanStory is an online forum for short fiction and poetry.

With great engagement and a good number of community members, the community frequently prompts contests for members (especially poets), with creative and offbeat writing prompts.


An ace community for African story-writers. This forum features all sorts of stories and is enriched with a pool of categories for forum users to contribute to.

Your Story Club

This online story-telling community aims to amplify the voice of story tellers.

Story writers can share their works of fiction/non-fiction on the site for reviews and critiques from fellow writers.


This community by Able Muse, is an online forum for sharing of fiction and stories and getting critiques and reviews on works contributed to the site.


12 Top Writing Communities and Forums

These are forums for writers of all miscellaneous types of writings apart form story-telling (script-writing) and poetry. Blog writers, prose writers and even content writers


This forum for writers provides a conclave for creative writers to discuss their work, be critiqued by other writers and make connections as well.

The site allows discussions on all aspects of writing and editing through exchange of advice and sharing of tips & tricks. Some interesting features of the site include its Research Section which allows creative writes make researches for the (proposed) works, Beta reading; a project that allows community members beta-read people’s projects.

So if you are in to read someone’s incomplete work, you can use this community.

Creative Writing Forums

This is one of the most popular creative writing forums (in the world) and is a site dedicated to all-things-writing.

The platform offers users a discussion platform for publishing, plot, character development, word mechanics, and also is a resource center for writers.

Absolute Write

The AB forum is a large online community for writers.

The threads in this communities makes it outstanding as one of the top writing communities (online) in the world as they have discussions on almost every writing genres of literature available (if not all), and ever take discussions on pop culture, freelance writing publishing and all things writing.


With well over 1.2 million critiques made on about 200,000 works, Scribophile is arguably the most engaging writing community around the globe.

The platform has aided thousands of writers with detailed critiques, resources, community and is even rated as the Top Critique Circle for the year 2020 by..

It’s definitely one to look out for.

She Writes

This is a gender-based writing community; for women. The writing community is dedicated towards encouraging and empowering women writers.

Since its launch in 3006, the community has grown to over a base of 32,000 women writers conversing and improving their writing selves.

Jericho Writers

This is fairly new writing community that allows writers share thoughts, build social connections, and get critiqued.

It’s a growing community adding newer candidates daily and this also means more chance to build and attract new eyes and opinions on your works.

Inked Voices

This is an online space for writers. It is a fairly popular writing community that allows support for writers and workshop community for literature writers.

Unlike many other writing communities and forums, the approach of this site to solving the problem of community for writes is made easy.

It’s paid-for though.

Critique Circle

One of the oldest writing communities since its start in ’03. This community has stayed true to the main purpose of establishing a community for writers to get support, and critiques on works and learn from fellow writers.

Writer’s Digest

The Writers Digest’s forum is an engaging community for writers to interact with other writers on a much more personal level.

The forum connects writers to their fellow experts and the site itself is a resource center for everything writing.

Writing Sub-Reddits

While Reddit claims its place as the front page of the internet, writers also can make use of this robust forum-like site to get feedbacks, critiques, reviews on their works as well as grow an audience on the platform.

Some of the best sub-reddits includes:

r/writing a submarture general writing purposes.
r/writingprompts — for user-submitted writing prompts.
r/destructivereaders — beware, if you don’t like harsh criticism this may not be the best fit. But if you are willing to endure it, you will come out a better writer at the end.
r/worldbuilding — user submitted fiction worlds.
r/characterforge — the place to be for character building.
r/writerchat — for those interested in talking with fellow writers.
r/selfpublish — for anybody interested in self-publishing.
r/freelanceWriters — for anybody interested in a career in freelance writing.
r/books — because reading is just as important as writing if you want to be a successful author.

It’s not the front-page of the internet for nothing, you know!

#WritingCommunity (Twitter)

Many writers undermine the power of Twitter, yeah forget its being the bashful social media we all go to for latest and hottest savages on the internet, Twitter has a really strong community for Writers and writers can totally join in as even a newbie to Twitter and get some feedback on their work. Succeeding in the community is an aftermath of consistency on the platform.

These communities are accessed through hashtags on the platforms and the best hashtags for writers on Twitter are #writingcommunity #amwriting #writers #TwitterWriters #amreading etc.

Writer’s Groups (Facebook)

With groups having as much as 130,000 members on the largest social media platform., information access to many active and engaging members on such groups is not too much of a work.

Writer’s groups on Facebook provides a wealth of resources for members who are interesting in learning. Members can ask questions and or seek tips on writing and they get replies from other community members.

What’s more?
With the recent Facebook Mentorship programs for groups – interested individuals can also apply for mentorship to be groomed by various experts in their various specializations.

Recommended writing groups you can join on Facebook for help and communication writing-wise includes;

What better way to use the largest social media platform if not to help your writings improve?

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