Poetry is general, but is it for everyone? Some judge based on sentiments, Damilola brings in the facts and sciences.

Poetry is a form of expression. It’s a jumble of skin-deep words painfully scribbled to make sense of untethered territories.

I once read somewhere that poetry is a bridge. An immediate path to exploring so many different parts of life. Because your mind is allowed to run wild, to picture stories, scenarios, expressions, experiences and expectations based on your perception of reality at that particular phase in your life.

Poetry is symbols and snippets of events that is written to be savored. It involves a couple of haunted artists letting out their wildest whims and feelings and thoughts. Making stories out of the demons that haunts them — maybe love, a broken heart, a tattered soul, a crooked spirit.

Some people, especially in this part of the world, can spend all of their entire lives not knowing a scrap of poetry, just as some of us live our full lives without ever knowing Hitler, or listening to the Beatles, or appreciating the value of Walkman’s, or all of the other amazing things that shook the equilibrium of evolution.

Reading poetry is more than trying to get entranced in someone else’s story. It’s not merely following a storyline and getting caught up in a fantasy.
I see poetry as a way of making the deepest connections to phrases and words —because those unity of letters are not just that, but a channel with which we make a connection to find unseen meanings to reality.

In the process of analysing forever heroic couplets, metaphors, similes, anaphoras, dictions, alliterations, assonance, imageries, metaphors, onomatopoeias, personifications, refrains, rhymes and other poetic devices in order to really appreciate and understand the depth of a poem, you are seduced into connecting with every nectar of your being and finding a new meaning to all aspects of your experiences.

Language when gainfully employed plays a big responsibility in influencing the readers to become better people. You could picture a world less about tearing itself apart, but more about looking into things even deeper than they might appear.

It reveals to us that we’re merely flesh and blood. That death is part of our entirety. It reminds us to learn to accept it however it comes.

Just like we get lured by the rhythmic melody of music, poetry leaves you seduced by penned myriads of ciphered events.

Despite our differences and diversity. Its intimacy offers us a way to empathize with one another.
Poems helps us realize that we really are not as different as we think. We are not as alone in our confusion and grief, pain, joy or happiness.

In its immediacy, poetry is like a riddle. Not one you have to solve though, not one you have to understand. it is instead one that you should relate to.

When saying “I love you” is not nearly enough, and it sounds too simple explaining what the world means to you. Literature as an existence sneaks the truth up on you.
It doesn’t just teach you how to live. It shows you the strengths and vulnerabilities in your actions.

With those few combinations of words, we are left with an ability to relate with each other a little better. To appreciate the world around us a little harder. Its paints an entirely different perception of the life we lead. Its beauty lies in its ability to shed a different light on the world.

When Phyllis Klein from Women’s Therapy Services described poetry as something that “gives rhythm to silence and light to darkness”, she was describing the enthralling magic of metaphor, the compactness of expressions, it’s use of the five senses, and the simplicity or complexity simultaneously met when defining every line.

Poetry can be compared to an unsung song. It can be about a lover, a friend a foe, a random person, an event, a sensation, a messed up heart, one’s home.

Biblio-therapy is a form used by creative writers.

It involves using written words to grasp, express, and communicate the most sacred thoughts. You get to create a connection with a thousand other people who have a harder time expressing themselves.
You are forced to come face to face with your depression and anxiety instead of cowering away in fear. You get to look at life from a less cliché perspective.

Like the writer, the reader of the poem also experiences a similar effect. Soon enough you as a reader is left to come face to face with the baggages weighing on your mind, head and heart.
Poetry is typically short, but leaves an intimate impact on your social and emotional state. When adequately analyzed, it offers a new way of thinking about things.

You crash headfirst with sentiments that you have suppressed in the frozen bits of your heart — Leading you on a roller-coaster from hate to love, and violence to mercy and pity to anger, to deep dark fear, beauty, passion, and identity.

Through poetry, one can begin to understand the hindrances and blocks that have formulated around our minds.

The truth is that poetry is everywhere. It depends on your dedication and ability to locate it and connect with everything it has to offer. Expressing how one feels is difficult, and we might never really know what we mean until it is inked down on paper.

You could start the search for your identity in poetry by simply reading a poem a day, checking out classic poetry collections, taking a poetry workshop, participating in a poetry challenge that resonates with you, visiting the library, attending a poetry meeting, a open mic session, or joining an online platform.

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Damilola Okunomo is a student of English Language at one of the foremost tertiary institutions in Nigeria. She joined the ArtHut content team not quite long and is charged with telling stories that educate readers.

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Damilola Aoifé · February 16, 2021 at 8:16 pm

Love the look of this. Glad to be on the team really ❤️❤️

    Emmanuel Ojex · March 3, 2021 at 9:31 pm

    We are glad to have an elite such as you here with you Damms.

    You are welcome to the hut.

Nana Kow Boaponsem · February 17, 2021 at 6:41 pm

Poetry is for anyone with a soul, faint or strong, for such the message will heal and spirit will edify who dwells in every line.
-Nana Kow Boaponsem

    Emmanuel Ojex · March 3, 2021 at 9:32 pm

    I love your view on this.

    Thanks for going through the writing.

Chinonso Onyebuenyi · February 17, 2021 at 10:13 pm

There is nothing in this full life that is for everyone. There is something called ‘niche’. That place where you find functionality. While some were gifted to write poetry, others were gifted to enjoy reading poetry and others were built to be indifferent about poetry also some were gifted to enjoy both reading and writing poetry so I don’t think poetry is for everyone.

    Emmanuel Ojex · March 3, 2021 at 9:33 pm

    This is really an interesting opinion.

    Thank you for going through Dammy’s first content on the blog.

    We look forward to having much more of you.

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