Are you looking for groups on Facebook that can help improve your writeups -poetry,prose,novels or one that provides you with resources as well as websites to submit your works?

Perhaps, you are looking for writing spaces over on Facebook to connect with others and improve your skills and experience as a writer?

The following groups are here to help you out, over the years, they have been known to inspire, help, encourage and create a connective platform for their members and users .

They also ensure all rules and regulations are followed and members respect each other.

Here are some recommended Facebook communities for writers.



If you are looking for a platform where you’d find beta-readers for your writings, criticisms of works, constructive feedback on articles or support, then this is the right Facebook community for you.

The administrators; Catherine and Aleena Simone, help keep the group sane and ensure rules are followed and that members respect each other.

Mild debating is allowed on works posted in the Facebook group but anything more that isn’t allowed.

There is also no room for politics or religious  posts.

You can ask questions, drop your successes and receive encouragement, ask questions on marketing, strategies for your publications and you surely receive a useful response from one of the 300,000 community members in the Facebook group.

Oh and by the way, this is the largest community of writers on the Facebook platform.


Founded by Grant Hudson of Independent Publisher Clarendon House Publications.

The Inner Circle Writer Group is an interactive Facebook community that welcomes new, as well as established writers who are interested in growing and practicing the craft of writing.

Members are encouraging and the community moderators keep abusive non-writers and spammers to a minimum.

The former also share and celebrate each others successes which always spur others to become and do better 

An interesting feature you’d find in the group is that members are allowed to promote their books, services through their popular ‘marketing monday thread’

Opportunities for writers to submit your works to the magazine and various anthologies throughout the year are some of the perks of joining a Facebook community that works.

Apart from all the other features and benefits a writer gains from joining this community, the amount of influential writers you’d find on this platform is amazing.


Created in 2014, the 10 minutes Novelists Facebook group was developed as a platform dedicated to helping writers who are time-crunched to develop their craft/habit in writing and build their careers steadily.

The admins only accept individual, or personal accounts (no pages in here, sorry) and ensure posts are professional, self-promotion free and are focused on writing.

Members are encouraged to ask questions, engage with others and volunteer for programs/sessions. 

They can also go for critiques, edits, revisions, beta-readers help on ‘Tuesday Buddy Day’ and self promotions are done on their frequent ‘Author’s Happiness thread’.

So, if you are a novelist looking for a support group to help you out in starting your first novel or your first draft, we whole-heartedly recommend you join this Facebook community.

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS (Poetry, Fiction,Art)

This platform was created Nov 18 2008 to help writers with submission calls updates.

If you are looking for a reliable group for the latest updates on websites/publications submissions calls, check this group out.

The admins always present  the posts in an easy to follow way which helps members to also follow up.

Aiding the administrators are some power literary-bloggers such as Erika of Published To Death, Trish Hopkin of SelfishPoet and a host of others who keep the community up to date with the latest call for submissions around the world.

Chances are that you’d find an administrator from one of your favorite literary magazines sharing their content in the Facebook community too.

Since its creation in 08, the Facebook group for writers has grown to be a community of over 70,000 writers, poets and storytellers from various countries visiting frequently to get submission prompts, writing opportunities and so much value from members sharing contents.


Oh yeah!

It is just as it sounds.

The NO FEE CFS Facebook community was created for the purpose of sharing only writing opportunities with no submission fees. 

This was made to encourage writers who are still building the dream to find platforms that would be willing to publish their works on their platform without the submission fees.

Speaking of Free contests for writers, check the Published to Death blog for the latest updates.


If you want to become a beta reader, critique partner or find one for your work, this is the right place to connect in.

The fb group was created on June 22 2017 and it is a helpful group where you can ask for feedback from beta readers or critiques without paying.

The admins also have certain rules or guidelines to be followed like no book promotions or marketing, no harsh criticism, only give constructive feedback.

New members are to read the guidelines to get familiar with the group before posting or participating in group activities. These are put in place to ensure the group is as effective for every member who decides to make posts.


Created in December, 2018 and with over 40,000 members, our Facebook community is a very interesting, engaging and interactive platform for new and building writers in any creative art. But do not take our word for it, join and see for yourself.

Admins posts engaging questions for members to answer/interact with.

They also educate them with a series of articles.

Recently, a daily schedule was created for members and admins to follow i.e. each day is given a different task.

To interact with posts, admins must first give you permission.

So, if you want a community that educates, enlightens and inspires the writer in you, you should definitely consider joining ArtHut.


This group was created for all journalists, photo-journalists, designers, editors who have lost their jobs, are still working or have gone through their Plan B.

Members are allowed to share their ideas, business plans, and success stories that might give inspiration to others who need it.

If you are a journalist, editor or writer and you are struggling with your career or changes to it, you might want to join this forum.

The discussions in the community are beyond helpful, they are life-changing.

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)

Have you ever thought of writing a novel? 

If yes, then this forum is for you.

The NaNoWriMo National Novel Writing Month takes place from November 1-30.

Writers  are expected to write 50,000 or more and none of your previous works are supposed to be added there.

You are expected to only count words that you wrote throughout November.

The group admins are active all year round, talking about writing needs and answering questions from members too.

It has more than 25,000 members and was created on June 28,2018.

You can check their official website; to learn more about the National Novel Writing Month

Writer Techniques

Writer Techniques is a Facebook community that helps writers with resources to make them better at writing. The lead of the community, Daniel Agostinelli – an experienced writer shared some valuable articles, usually on the art of writing and improving oneself as a writer. 

Join this group if you’d like to find resources that would answer the questions you need.

Chances are you’d find posts like ‘How to develop a strong character’ or ‘How to form a great cover letter for your submissions’.

Poets In Nigeria Initiative

Created on the 8th Of October 2016 by Sir Erita Oribhabor and with membership of over 60,000 members, the platform has been known to help young poets bring their voices to light, help them connect and broaden their horizons.

Poets can share their poems here and get feedback from other members.

Also, the admins created a weekly most pressing questions regarding poetry, members are allowed to ask questions and receive replies from the admins as well as the 60,000 plus Facebook users in the community. 

However, the admins don’t tolerate plagiarism and heavy penalties are placed on such defaulters.

Other notable activities done by the admins are the incentives given to its top 3 contributors on a monthly basis and there are poetry contests open to every member.

If you are a poet, try this platform and I am sure it will be worth it.


‘…there are many who have limitations or are stronger in life because of the words spoken to them at a young age. When you pen those words for your social media posts or blogs /books, You are shaping thoughts. you are influencing someone to take an action-the need to use your influence well’

Daniel C. Emmanuel

This, according to Daniel C. Emmanuel (the creator/owner of the Facebook group) was the one of the reasons why the Influential Writers And Authors Community came to be.

If you are looking for a Facebook community where you are educated daily on the craft of writing, writing opportunities, writing events, online courses, as well as providing coaching sessions to members? Then this is the right platform for you either as a writer or author.

You are also allowed as a member to post your contents according to the guidelines, so long they are valuable to the community.

Are there other valuable Facebook communities that have added value to you, please share with us, we’d love to hear from you.

We believe art is for a reason; Impact - we would love you to join us too.

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