What is The ArtHut Vision?

TAV is to be the herald of a movement that results in the prominence and economic flourishing of the art industry, not just in Nigeria but across the African continent.
We are working towards bringing change not just to how artists are addressed on the streets as hungry & jobless, to the children in the art department in secondary schools who are addressed as lacking academic excellence and so much more.

Who is the founder of ArtHut?

We all are here on the same journey to know the answer to that question. Whoever finds the answer, please report back and fill in the gap for others.

When did ArtHut commence operations?

ArtHut officially commenced operations on the 1st, January 2019 as a blog https://arthut.com.ng (now obsolete) that accepted and published young writers and creatives worldwide.
Over one year, we successfully published more than 300 creative works from over 3 continents worldwide.

Where does ArtHut operate from?

ArtHut volunteers and worker all function from remote locations across Nigeria, however, we have a meet-up center in Yaba, Lagos.

What services does ArtHut render?

Book services; Book editing, Proofreading and others.
You can find all our services on the Service Page

What are the initiatives of ArtHut?

  • The ArtHut Assemblage
  • ArtHut Poetry Slam
  • #WeekendDeal (in the community)

To get the full information on our initiatives, kindly download the ArtHut Initiatives Handbook (soon to be released)