How to Get Better At Writing: Brilliant Tips to Improve Your Writing Skills


Writing is really basic nowadays, but writing well is better yet not basic and this is why many writers need help on how to improve their writings so they can become better writers and produce (hopefully) amazing written works, short stories, novels, essays and so much more.

In this article, I am going to show you some working strategies you can implement to improve your writing and aid in delivering those awesome contents in your head.

Writing, just like any other processes can be learned and it also can be improved upon.

But improving this practice is not going to be as easy as just learning some new stuffs over the internet, it will take time, effort and continuity.

Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills

Read a lot of (other) writings

Reading might not necessarily improve your writing skills but it sure does go a long way into shaping one into a better writer.

Reading materials from other writers and authors (the ones who have been good writers over time) provides you with a broader view of things and you can implement these newly wedded ideas into your writings.

Reading also sparks ideas in writers, helps in improving vocabulary as well as educates on certain things.

Just as noted above, reading (although many say it does) doesn’t necessarily improve your writing skills, but it does help you with improvement and provides you with a better knowledge of some things.

Take Courses or Seminars On Writing

There are numerous free and paid-for courses that would help your improve on your writing skills as well as provide you with a deeper insights on different writing techniques, styles.

Taking writing classes/conferences really helps in brushing up a writer’s skills and posits them as more dexterous in the art of writing.

Since no knowledge is ever laid to waste, taking a few classes annually would do a great lot towards helping you improve on your writings and it would definitely be worth it as the results would be highly impactful and helpful to your career as a writer.

Hitch: You can take free courses from sites such as Udemy, Coursera, edX even to help up your game in writing.

Utilize Drafts/Skeleton Worksheets

Draft out your points, what comes first, what goes next. Ask yourself these and pin them down.

Arrange your power points in such a way that it is easy to skim through and work with. Doing so makes your workload really light.

I personally utilize a workbook in most cases and I’d recommend you do too.

Mine looks a little like:

  1. Topic
  2. Introduction
  3. Sub
    1. Point 1
    1. Point 2
    1. Point 3
  4. Conclusion

Hitch: You can just copy the above and work utilize ior deg orx

Also, you have to understand that this outlines only work for articles, essays, or blogs. Novel/story writin would require a different approach to drafting.

Keep A Journal

As writers, ideas and those eureka moments do come at really odd moments, keeping a journal by your side (personally, I make use of Sticky pads) is one of the easiest ways to keep those ideas in the book and not lose them.

Does this make you a better writer? No, but it does help you keep your ideas safe so you never lose them and regret later.

Cut to the chase when writing

There is this thing writers do (a lot) – dragging points!

Don’t use 100 words for a content you could make use of 30 words to pass its message!

With this said, do not put a beat down to detailing your works.

Make it as simple as it can be but not cheap so you don’t end up leaving a bad impression by wasting your reader’s time. It bores them and they eventually skip your work or source for a better work.

Write Periodically

I wouldn’t say to write every day of each week but I surely would say to write a lot, maybe three to four days in each week.

It is really easy to say you have plans to write this & that, or you want to improve your writing skills but without commitment to actually writing consistently, it won’t work.

It’s just like every other exercise and should be taken as such.

Tell yourself ‘Today, I am going to write’, set a reminder for the time and once it is, even if you’re tired, Just Do It, even if it’s not the best work you produce during the first trials, it is still something.

Eventually, you would get better doing it.

Check out the 10,000-hour rule, which posites that to be a master of any skill, an individual must practice for over 10,000 hours or more doing that same thing.

Quick question: How many hours do you think you’ve spent writing?

To become a better writer, you need to do writing more as this comes through repetition and practicing.

Give Yourself a Time Limit

Many writers (me included) find it hard to start writing just because we want to. This is usually because we tend to over-think it a lot.

If you are in this category, prompting yourself to write is probably the best idea to get it going.

Set a timer for yourself and ensure to meet the deadline.

For example, if it’s a story you’re writing, prepare your mind to complete a chapter within 5 hours and ensure you do so.

It might be rough but it helps your stay focused on writing, less stimulated by distractions and keeps you from over-thinking things instead of doing them.

Start Strong; Finish Strong

Even after dropping all the valid points you want in that essay of yours, dotting the Is and crossing the Ts, it is a commendable act to conclude all your writings as strong as you lay your points.

Not too serious, make an overview of the whole work and simplify it in a way that your reader is reminded and comprehends.

Hitch: This is majorly for article writers.

Utilize Editing Apps while working:

Some technological inventions have made editing of works even easier for writers. You can now get your works checked and corrections (suggested) through editing apps.

On the top of that list is Grammarly, Pro Writing Aid, , with it you can edit your works into a better and much more refined writing.

In most cases, you just have to install an add-on onto your browser (if you’re working online), or you also can utilize Microsoft’s inbuilt spelling and grammar checker. It’s effective too.

Hitch: Here are the best editing apps for writers.

Review/Edit Your Works Again

It’s a beautiful draft, alright – but that still doesn’t make it a beautiful writing.

Also, trust me editing apps do help – a lot but nothing is better at editing than a person – because the book is not meant for machines rather it is meant to be consumed by humans.

Now that you’re done with the work – fully or a portion, you need to take out time to check for errors

It is best to revise your works after taking a break, maybe walking around or taking a pause from writing for a while to come back later to it for revision. This helps your mind reset and you can come look at the work with a freer, clearer mind and refreshed set of eyes.

Hitch: If you can, get a writer friend or even a reader friend to help out with the revising – it usually works better especially than doing it for your own self.

Also, revising should be done more than once. You should at least edit your works three to four times as this ensures that at the end, you’re producing something incredible.

For poets, you can learn how to writer better poetry also.

Becoming a great writer is something no blog post or even person can teach but I do hope this article has helped you with tips on how to improve your writing skills.

Now if there are other tips you have that works or questions, kindly leave them as a comment and we shall get back to you.

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