Inspiration is very crucial to writing just about anything. It’s what keeps you in the go, constantly pushing the writer to bring out his/her best.

Inspiration makes one creative, it gives your writing that unique and peculiar feel that no one else has. It would be beneficial to note and try out the following when seeking inspiration to write.

How to Get Inspired to Write

1. Develop a reading habit

“A prolific reader ends up becoming a prolific writer” according to an anonymous author.

If you want to get deep into writing, you need to be a voracious reader. You have to enjoy reading a lot. You’d have to read anything and everything; from newspaper articles, blog posts, books to even billboard posts and a whole lot more. You don’t have to limit your reading to a particular genre or subject area. When doing this, you would be surprised at the amount of ideas you can get. It’d actually expose you to a lot of writing styles, possiblities and a whole lot of knowledge; leaving you versatile in so many areas.

2. Choose your niche

By choosing your niche, I mean choose your topic according to your occupation, your vocation, your base.

it’s just to choose to write on a topic you are accustomed to, something that you already have a lot of experience on. It entails what you know and perhaps have become part of your life.

A person who is writing on a topic concerning his path in life is definitely open to a bucket load of inspiration; because you actually have an idea of what to write about. But this is only applicable if you are the one choosing the topic.

3. Research

Once you have gotten the topic, the next is research.

Even if you already have a few ideas about the content of your writing, trust me, you still need research. Find articles already written on it, read it up and get their views.

Ask questions, conduct interviews, get more insight and get as much people as possible to tell you what they think about what you are writing.

You could even bring it up as a conversation, that way it would be more interesting; but the whole point of this is: Research! Research!! Research!!!

4. Have the right drive/motivation

A lot of things could inspire you to write, it could be the money, fame or just the mere satisfaction of doing what you love. You should be careful so as not to be driven by the wrong motivation.

You ought to write to inform, to educate and maybe even inspire people to take the right course of action. writing shouldn’t be written just to gain but rather to inform and pass out knowledge to people.

When you want to write, it’s very necessary to ask yourself this question: what is the motive behind this work I am putting through? Because when you have the right motivation you will see yourself inspired to write and write more.

5. Be the story

After the motivation comes in, get straight and into your writing and by being into your writing, I mean be your character, feel your character and live your story!

You should actually be able to connect yourself to your story, even if not from a personal view. Place yourself in every situation, in every circumstance. Give your character life and just watch how inspiration would come rushing in.

This can actually be very effective when the topic on what to write about was assigned to you.

6. Talent & skill

Even after every step, it is important to have a talent in writing if you want to rise above an average writer.

Being a writer is not just about writing, to be a good and excellent writer, it requires talent; but talent is not just enough, you also need to know the skills of a good writer.

You need to develop yourself and build yourself up into becoming an amazing writer.

In whatever you write, always try to rise above the mediocrity level. Most times, even an experienced writer might find it difficult in getting inspiration to write and that feeling you get while trying hard to think of or do anything to motivate you is totally frustrating.

If you want to be the best, then you need inspiration and am sure you would find the points above necessary in finding that inspiration.

This content was contributed by Ikechukwu Genevieve. You may reach her via mail:

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