Best Ways to Get More Readers for Your Creative Writings

how to get more readers for your writings

Nobody writes with the end goal of reading it themselves, or are there such readers?

I strongly believe that the end-goal of every written work be it poetry, fiction or short-story is for it to be read and consumed and shared by readers across the world but how does one source for these readers actually?

The problem most creative writers, poets, authors face with their written works is that they are not getting enough people to read their work and thus cannot make the impact they-so desire with these works of theirs.

In today’s article, we shall be exposing the best ways creators of written literature works can garner more views, get more readers, and grow a reading audience for themselves and their works.

Ways to get more readers to your works

a.      Social Media

Besides all the cute memes and Trump’s shenanigans shared on the various social platform, social media is one of the easiest and fast-yielding ways to gather more readers for your works.

Be it poetry, stories, contents, articles, essays, write-ups and other forms of writings.

One thing many authors/writers do wrongly however is that they use social media fallaciously as a means to publicize their works.

Many authors are making use of the wrong social media channels to promote their written works and when they do not get to see results, they think social media is a hopeless way to get more readers to one’s works when in fact, it is not!

The tops social network/media platforms for creative writers to post their contents in for more readers includes:

  • Facebook Groups: Joining an active community/group for sharing and critiquing of creative works, write-ups, stories, poetry really helps when trying to increase a reader base for your works.
  • LinkedIn: The world’s largest professional social media network also has a great community of readers *since readers are leaders anyways*.
    You can also join groups centered around your interest to increase readers of your works.

Check out the best LinkedIn community to share your creative writings on.

  • Twitter: One hidden potential of Twitter many people especially creative writers don’t realize is that Twitter is a f**king good platform to promote your written works.
    The #writingcommunity on there is one of the strongest you could ever find anywhere. It’s now left to writers to craft their messages creatively and intentionally so it reaches the right audience they wish for.
    You should explore the best hashtags for sharing poetry and other written works.
  • Reddit Sub-Reddits: There are various sub-categories on the platform that helps writers get more eyes on their works. The most common ones are
    • r/destructivereaders — beware, if you don’t like harsh criticism this may not be the best fit. But if you are willing to endure it, you will come out a better writer at the end.
    • r/writerchat — for those interested in talking with fellow writers.
    • r/books — because reading is just as important as writing if you want to be a successful author.

b.     Dailies/Newspapers

Most magazines, newspapers, logs distributed for the reading of public in bulk session usually have a section or column for art related contents which features the events or happenings in the sphere and in this they sometimes feature poetry, literary write-ups and other forms of literature from various individuals around.

Many display the means of submissions within the same column and they are usually either by email or physical mails.

Getting published on these dailies would definitely give your works more exposure especially if bad-ass enough to get accepted into some top dailies/newspapers around your community or nation.

So when next you pick up a newspaper from that retailer around, make sure you’re not just checking for the latest hat-trick from C. Ronaldo but also that section which may help your works get more viewers.

c.      Literary Blogs

There are thousands of blogs on the web where creative writers can submit their written/literary works e.g. poetry, fiction or non-fiction, articles and related literatures to for publishing.,,, are some of the best places to submit your poetry to be published., are some of the best places to submit short fiction or non-fiction prose works.

You may have to wait a day or two to know whether or not your works have been accepted to be published; some blogs take less reviewing period more than others as some might take as long as weeks or even months before editors of such sites review and decide whether or not the works are fit for publication.

d.     Literary Forums

Literary Forums are discussion sites for literatis, writers, readers, authors and editors. These sites are platforms that allows reviewing and critiquing of literary works of all kinds, many of them even run workshops, updates, competitions within their literary communities.

You can check some of the best communities for literature out.

e.      E-Zines

Downloadable magazines for online publications are on the rise lately and many publication /media houses of literature are increasingly showing interest in this means of publishing.

Creative writers can submit their works to be featured in these zines and editors are left to review the works and decide whether or not to publish them.

f.       Literary Competitions

Many times, it is not just the winners of competitions that gains acceptance and more readers/lovers of their works, sometimes other contestants do too.

Each literary competition run exposes writers and creatives to a new set of eyes, a new set of readers and since readers is what we want for this article, well I think that just did justice to that.

It’s understandable that many writers are scared of entering for competitions because they think their works are not good enough – ___ of The Minimalists has a post on How To Become A Better Writer and our How to Improve Your Poetry will definitely be of good use to poetry creators and writers as well.

Do you know of other ways to get readers to your writings or are there other ways you get more readers to your works?

Do well to let us know in the comment and let’s steal ouch I mean share ideas.

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