“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.”
William Wordsworth

Well, I could easily jot down the steps but what I found most difficult was to be consistent. Let me take you to my childhood days when my Maths teacher had once said that I couldn’t do solve out simple ‘trigonometry’, how would I ever achieve anything in my life?

Another incident that is still fresh is the day I lost someone close to my heart. I used to be an arrogant person (I still am), but journaling has made my life easier.

This is how I started my journal…

Journaling is the act of penning down thoughts that play erratically. In other words, journaling is listing out observations, experiences of life, thought processes and personalities. It helps to understand precisely and nourishes thoughts and emotions in the chaotic world.

How did it help?

I can now manage my stress, though I am struggling at times. Life has not changed enough, but my perspective has. So, instead of using flowery communication, and I have decided to use a conversational style for readers.

We underestimate ourselves at times, but self-reflection plays a significant role in shaping our personality. Click To Tweet

The journey with my journal

How did the journey start?

The friendship sprang years ago, probably during my adolescence. My parents were serious about my education (math and science), just like any other Asian, specifically Indian parents. I never scored good grades in Math and Science, not because I hated the subjects, but simply as I never understood the concepts of speed, time, profit-loss, including the reproductive system. I don’t miss my teenage period as I am in a happier space now. Even though my rejections and dejections are on, I am delighted to be surviving the pandemic.

Writing journals have made me analytical and logical. We underestimate ourselves at times, but self-reflection plays a significant role in shaping our personality.

Positive Changes in my life

Gradually, journaling has changed me in several ways as for now,

It makes me feel livelier and happier.

I am more confident

I have become ‘slightly’ compassionate.

I have made more friends, and now I choose people wisely.

I let people go.

And one of the most significant changes is I am least bothered about random things.

How does Journaling help?

Are you always stressed out?. Don’t worry, everyone is; instead of sharing, we must sharpen the skills of stress management. Journaling not only helps to manage stress but also pitch improvised ideas and releases negativity.

Today, depression is a major concern. Journaling is a savior to depressed people. Creating our space and world will help us to understand that we are not the only sole victims of depression.

My journal is my best friend and also my worst enemy. Every time, I flip through those pages, scribble down my feelings, I feel happier.

Try it!!! You never know, you may learn to appreciate the world.

When should one start journaling?


Simply, grab a pen, diary and close your eyes.

Feel the emotions.

Start scribbling down.

Journaling lets you be you, ‘yourself.’ There is no specific format of journaling thoughts, you are the creator and believer, dreamer and everything. It starts with you and ends with a positive note.  Each phase tells a story.

Will these above thoughts help you to realize the benefits of journaling?


So, just start today and feel the difference. Look around, and you will find a million reasons to smile. Start a new ‘You.’

This article was written by Tanmaya Das, an indian journalist.

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