The Impact Of Literature On The Future

Of no doubt, over 90% of rational human beings face daily the challenge of creating a standardized, tradable agreement between themselves and their future.

From the time any and every one remembers, humans have been combating greatly with how they can make advancements for the future. Of course, to a better one.

However, it would be rhetoric to ask if mankind’s plan has come totally into fruition [in changing the future to a better one]

The answer lies relatively with you!

More of it; here, we will be discussing five ways through which literature will grossly impact the future of the world.

Five Important Impacts of Literature OnThe Future

When you think of literature, you think of the body of all written works, the collected creative writing(s) of a nation, the people entrenched therein, groups and their cultures even.

However, more than that. Literature turns to also comprise of other creative works of art.

Thus, it encompasses not just flames of written works but also other media; spoken word, movies, music, drawing and painting, etc.

Sure, art itself is life!

But the questions still remain, what impact will literature have on the future?

1. Through the Knowledge of History

“A man who does not know where the rain began to beat him cannot say where he dried his body”

African proverb

Of cause, you cannot alter the future without first, slaving for the knowledge of the past.

Today, literature has become the easiest and most accessible medium to decades or flashback  of histories.

It is the illumination the young ones and yet-to-come children of the society need to understand where they are from and all that there is to know about themselves.

2. Literal Traveling and Culture learning

From ancients’ till date, traveling has become the essential part of education.

Even I visit more than fifteen countries weekly without paying (literally) any transport fees.

See, I travel in my books, in the movies I watch, I travel through literature!

It is now lucid to say that fictitious travelers are those who ponder daily in what they have read.

Literature takes you wild, while you sit at the comfort of your home.

3. Literature as a Tool for Entertainment

Several works of literature can act as a weight-lifter to that heavy burden you’ve got on your heart.

Through movies, music and other forms of literature, people get relieved from their fences of depression and inspired through these same sources.

Today, various forms of literature have become the most enjoyable sources of entertainment.

Music, stand-up comedy, stage performances, drama and so on.

No doubt, a depressed mind has lesser chance to think optimistically or positively straight of the future. So does literature not help in making a brighter tomorrow by putting a smile on the lips of viewers?

4. Through Accessibility to Information

That ‘information is power’ is not a new phrase to be iterated in public.

A person who is not informed is already deformed.

Literature does not only take one back to history; or brings history back to one, far from that.

Literature foretells the future and uncovers what is hidden.  No wonder why people tag it The Lasting Prophet!

5. Literature as a means of Education

Through literature, education secures the chance to get to the next generations; giving them the edge of seeing, listening and reading of histories and publications can enrich and create room for one to search for one’s potential.

The scrolls through which the knowledge of the past was delivered unto scholars of recent is what has been developed into the textbooks of youths these days.

And just recently, it seems like books would be old times too.

Perhaps, the future would be gloomy, doomed and dark when it rested on the shoulder of a man who is less or non-educated. 

Education is power!

Or I should remind you again, that literature educates!?
Look at how bright the future is- if it will be nursed with the cold hands of literature.
Making the everyone to know his or her past and enriching the future.

This article is a work of Christian Odinaka. He is a poet, writer and literary enthusiast based in Kano, Nigeria.

You can contact him via Email:
Facebook: Christian Odinaka

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