The Importance of Literature in The World (Past and Present)

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Literature holds a special place in the society because it tells the society of its existence. Through the various genres of literature, we have been introduced to the history of the world in various respective manner.

Literature has become the center through which language is recreated to tell stories in different styles. We have been able to identify ways of living, criticize societal ills, change archaic and inhumane beliefs.

However, some people are still skeptical about the importance of literature? 

A large number of people who are not art/humanities inclined (students especially) believe that literature belongs to those who studied art-related courses forgetting that even science related textbooks are also referred to as literature texts. 
The question is Why is Literature is Important?

Why Is Literature Important in the world?

    Literature is important because of its ability to identify the history of a name, town, events, subject and even nature.

The human brain has been wired to learn right from birth. Science will say our brain came in the form of tabula rasa.

Literature has given us the opportunity to know the history of everything that’s come into existence.
For example, it is only through literature that people of the world are enlightened about the history of the world wars, slave trade, even the inception of technology in daily living is as a result of literature.

As we all are aware that the world is constantly evolving and there is a need for people to express their emotions, feelings and thoughts; organizations, business sectors, religious organizations have seen the need to express their thoughts and feelings through the use of literature. 

Instances of these are school magazines, sunday schools’ manuals, articles (publications), blogs and many more.

The inculcation of the right values is usually passed down to younger generations through literature.

Children are first made to pass through the ritual of short stories with the aim of impacting morals in them.

The stories are passed through the use of folktales, legends and myths.
This kind of literature are purposely designated to form a character out of the set cultural standards which originally have been laid down.
Examples include Ralia the Sugar Girl, Snow-white, Cinderella and many more.

The society has always been stuffed with a lot of different issues. These issues range from inequality of genders, political and social corruption, religious intolerance and clashes, education, colonialism and its resulting neo-colonialism, poverty, activism and many more issues.

Through literature has there been a light shone further on these troubling cases.
These issues have made writers write critically.
The word critically means to question the intent of the society.
Instances of such works are Not My Business written by Niyi Osundare, Second Class Citizen (prose) written by Buchi Emecheta, Americanah (prose)written by Chimamanda Adichie, Romeo and Juliet (drama) written by Shakespeare, So Long A Letter (prose) written by Mariam Mba, We Should All Be Feminists (prose) written by Chimamanda Adichie, The Animal Farm by George Orwell and many more.

One beautiful thing about literature is that it keeps records of all events and happenings of times and seasons.

Literature is the only way to encapsulate the busy life happening all around the globe.
Writers are emerging daily.
The inception of the recent pandemic all over the globe and the accompanying events are already being jotted down in the book of history.

Literature helps to make a book out of every details of our day to day life. It in its importance has incorporated its very existence in our screens.

Works of literature are being acted out on stages and as screen plays.

It has given the world the opportunity to see every text being acted and thereby making it so real. 

Examples are Sheakespeare’ s drama transformed into a movie, Lion and the Jewel written by Wole Soyinka acted on stage.

Literature can’t be overestimated as its values to people and the society at large is endless.

This article was written by Janet James.
She is a writer and humanitarian.
Janet can be contacted via Facebook.

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