Art It Out

Art Is Out is a plaform for young creatives to showcase their creative prowesses. We shall be visiting schools (Primary and Secondary) to organize play-sessions through art.

The ArtHut Assemblage

The ArtHut Assemblage is a convergence of creative minds to discuss literature, arts, and everything else intertwined.
It is a conference that hopes to prepare creative individuals better for now, the future and the world around them.

ArtHut Poetry Slam

APS is an open-mic session that aims to reverberate the poetry culture in young minds.

It is a shall be staged and aired on the organization’s YouTube page as well as other media channels.


YONA is annual magazine of poetry that aims to inspire people and remind people that there still is more that they can do.

YONA is an acronym for You Are Not Alone; the magazine thus is a means to reach out to people who have been bereft of hope and finding answers to the different questions they might have about themselves and life.

The first release of YONA Mag shall be in 2021.

For information on this magazine, kindly check the YONA page

WeekendDeal (in the community)

Our weekend deals are a means to establish connectivity amidst creatives in the hut.
It runs on weekends in our Facebook community and the message is shared through our other social channels.

ArtHut Literary Collective

ALC is a collective of literary platforms. It features literary blogs, online communities, magazines, pubs, organizations that all contribute to the growth of arts, literature around communities in the world.

The aim of the collective is to deliver a platform where artists can gather relevant information and pleasure from. They can get news sharing sites, magazines to contribute for and so on.