Are you a book lover in Nigeria? If you are, then you must be able to relate with the hassle one has to go through when in search of books in the nation. Even books of African origin are usually very difficult to find in the country.

Thankfully, there are now online bookstores that does the digging for you.

All you have to do is make a query/search on these websites and place an order on the book you wish for. And that’s it.

The book will be delivered to you in whatever format you wish for. E-publications or the hardcover some of us so enjoy.

But, with several Nigerian online bookstores springing from every corner of the internet over the last five years, book lovers need any guidance they can find to access reliable and well-stocked online bookstores.

And that is what this article is for. We have collated some of the best online bookstores in the country.

Best Online Bookstores In Nigeria

Here are the top Nigerian online bookstores that will cater to the needs of booklovers across Nigeria.


At Iwemi, there is a wide range of books to be discovered. 

They offer an online bookstore that catalogs over one million books. The store caters to academic needs, physical books, e-books.

In one word it is ‘well-stocked’. They also provide an online publication for writers [story].

If you have searched all over the net for a book and can’t seem to find it, I would recommend you make a stop at They  just might find what you’re looking for.

2. Roving Heights

I have to say that amongst Nigerian online bookstores, Roving Heights is highly recommended. 

The store offers new released books. It features literature that ranges from politics, business, memoirs, leadership and self-help, fiction and non-fiction. 

Roving Heights provides free shipping on all orders In Nigeria, a 100% money back guarantee as well 24/7 online support on their services.

 You can also put in requests for hard to find books and get them within a reasonable time. 

I must say also that the store covers a lot of contemporary Nigerian and African writers as well as their new releases ‘as e dey hot’. 

Here you won’t miss out on writers like Elnathan John, Bolu Babalola, Olajumoke Adenowo, Ifedigbo Nze Sylvia, Abubakr Adam Ibrahim, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie to mention a few. 

To cap it all, RovingHeights also has a book club. Something for the culture you see. You can register for online. Check it out here

3. Okadabooks

Over the years, Okadabooks has grown into an household in Nigeria and the African literary industry. It has been among the pioneer online bookstores in Africa. 

They are Africa’s leading digital content provider of over 30,000 original books, and 300,000+ registered readers.

They provide an eccentric coverage of African writings and books. With over 42,000 books available at reasonable prices, you will definitely find some of your best African reads here.

If you are obsessed with finding new African voices as well as the connecting with the works of the existing popular authors, Okadabooks is the place for you.

At, you will find good reads for good deals.

4. Havilah Books

Havilah books provides a wide range of books. From business, kids Book, young adults, the highly appreciated African writer series, dictionaries and encyclopedias.

The store has been around for a very long time and is very reliable. 

You may check your favorite book cravings at

5. The Book Dealer

The book dealer provides services for readers and lovers of literature in and outside Nigeria. They have a great network within Africa especially in the West-African region. 

They have a wide range of books on fiction, children books, poetry, non-fiction, religion and motivation.

One unique thing about the book dealer is that it provides an exclusive access into the authors mind at the time of writing a book. They do this through interviews conducted with authors about their books. 

This enables readers connect to the book in a special manner.

You may check out The Book Dealer on their website –

6.  The 1k Bookstore

It claims to be ‘the number one affordable bookstore in Nigeria’. 

It makes provisions for all genre of fiction. For more info, you can check out it’s Instagram handle at


There you have it. These are my top recommendations of online bookstores active in Nigeria.

If I have missed any, drop it in the comments section below. Have a nice read.

This content was contributed by Muhammed Soluoku Abiodun, a member of the ArtHut community.

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