“You ever felt like there’s this great message you wish to plant down on paper
Yet the words just elude your tongue…
And fly away like birds just uncaged…”


That poem is just an expression of what writer’s block feels like.
It is a situation whereby a writer seems devoid of the technical know-how to craft a master-literate work.

Most Common Causes of Writers Block

1.     Perfectionism

Many times writers fall into a creative blockage because they try to achieve perfection with their written works.

The idea of that story seems so beautiful in your head and mind but when it gets to be put on paper, it’s just not same.

This has halted a lot of written projects. The fact that the author can’t seem to replicate the story in their head unto words on paper.

2.     Fear

Sometimes, it’s fear that puts writers in a block and bars writing. The fear to write and get critiqued in a way that they might not like.

Sometimes many writers get so scared of getting published that they actually just never share the ideas they have.

3.     Procrastination

Writing is hard – let no one tell you it is not. It is also enough reason for any natural writer to want to not write when. Even when they should.
Still, postponing to write a work sometimes in the future is what puts many in a block.
And we all procrastinate at different stages, even I struggle with it sometimes too.
Most writers are really good at finding reasons to put off writing.

So much that when they finally decide to take up the challenge, they discover that they just can’t find the words to fit the ideas they had.

4.     Distractions

Every time you get ready to write, something or someone intrudes your focus.

Social media, a call from a friends or even your favorite games.

Many writers have (temporarily) lost their ability to create great writings because of distractions they face around them.

5.     Emotional distress

Sometimes it’s more than just the things we can see or feel. Many times writers feel unable to produce works because they are emotionally down and require psychological help.

Depression is a big issue amidst young people of today and it does inhibit a lot of writers from producing.

Ideas to help you overcome writers block

1.     Take a walk

Taking a walk out of your room or within the space is a great way to release the stress that might’ve built up in your system. It frees the brain of the workload that it already has compiled.

While some prefer to just move up and around their workspace, there seems to be a better way than this.

Rather than just sauntering, you can take your time also to have some fun while you are at it.

Join the neighbors in a friendly conversation, talk to the boys about your prediction for next Sunday’s event, pick up the phone and call a friend you’ve not heard from in a while.

So the next time you are working on some amazing content but can’t seem to find the words to put there or just can’t seem to be able to writer what’s on your mind, remember to take a pause. Get up from your writing

position and try coming back to the work after some minutes.

2.     Read other people’s writings

Sometimes we are inspired when we see to want to do more.’’

Reading writings from fellow creative writers sometimes motivates us to want to produce our own contents even despite going through the drudgery of writing when you’re in a block.

This is because when we read other people’s contents, we learn a whole lot. Newer ways to structure a phrase, more interesting ways to use a word in a sentence and so much more. This makes us want to try it out too”

So the next time you feel stuck on your writing projects, do not forget to open up a tab one your system and begin looking for articles you’d enjoy to read.

3.     Visit someone

Reconnecting with an old friend, or a cousin you’ve missed so much might be the needed inspiration one might need to get their creative juices back up and running.

4.     Write what you want and not what you are expected to

In many cases, most writers fall into creative blockage due to the fact that they are being constrained by the kind of work they are supposed to produce or by the opinion of others. This takes a toll on them especially when they are not versed or knowledgeable in such aspects. Such issues results in mental distress and causes a blockage for the writer.

If one tries instead to what they feel like instead of what they should, the fun of doing the task might motivate them to finally get what is needed to complete the original task at hand.

5.     Break your writing habit: Write oddly

So many writers tend to form a specific writing habit that best suits them and that is effective to their writing

(whether as a career or a side-thing), but taking a break from ones writing habit might make the difference.

For example, Mr. A is a writer who does his writings at evening but for some reasons, he just can’t seem to be able to get words typed out on his laptop.

Instead of advising Mr. A to pack up his PC to come back to write what he wants the next day; I would rather advice Mr. A to shut his PC down and come back to write it later in the evening.

For some, it is not timing that forms the habit, it may be other activities such as listening to tracks while writing, having a cup of coffee behind you when writing, try changing the coffeed cup to a bottled water. Try changing your writing platform even if it helps. Maybe Microsoft is the norm, take a trip to Google Docs.

It’s understandable that all of these may not make much sense now but they switching a writing habit does help one trip off writer’s block.

6.     Take a shower

Have you noticed that many unreleased albums and poems are usually created in the bathroom?

Taking a shower refreshes the body and relaxes the mind as well, it also triggers the brain to solve more

problems and doing this might help you find the next stage in that story you’re trying to write.

7.     Go traditional with your writing

To most writers of today, typing with a PC is probably the best and most convenient mode of writing, however going back the traditional/classical pen and paper idea is not bad at all.

If words refuse to come out as typed documents, maybe they will do so as ink on leaflets.

Writing with pen and paper gives this feel that can only be experienced when one does it, it’s more strenuous, yes – but it’s fun too.

8.     Just pour it out

To be honest, the best, easiest and fastest method to getting over writers’ block is unfortunately through what most writers try to run away from whenever they are in such blocked pipeline. It is in writing.

Yes, the dreadful and tiresome writing.

The easiest method to getting out of your writer’s block is actually in writing. Click To Tweet

Even when writing seems like the most difficult thing to do at this stage, it is the fastest method to getting out of lock.

9.     Steal ideas from other writers

Just as reading written works from other writer, you can decide to write contents similar to the work of another. Just take a snip of their concept and try to create something entirely unique in your way.

Do not plagiarize the works of others, this is an offence.

All art is based off of another person’s work, no new work truly is an original concept.

Just as Austin Kleon says “All creative work builds on what came before.”

10. Clear Distractions around

Sometimes the cause of writers’ block is being distracted by people or things surrounding us.

Getting rid of all things distracting around you might be the cure you need to get your brain-game back on.

It starts with that twitch you have with social media, the various games on your phone, the recurring urge to watch Netflix during the time you should be writing.

11. Meditate/Yoga!

Note: Meditating works for some and doesn’t for others.

Meditating refers to deeply cogitating on the subject intended to discuss.

Meditating on what’s being written sometimes helps to alleviate the drudgery of writing with a block.

12. Create a reward system for yourself

Sometimes a little motivation might be all you need to get your head back in the right frame.

Promise to gift yourself something nice if you complete a writing target.

Don’t be all mean to yourself, sometimes just get yourself some coffee to jug down after reaching a goal.

Some great writers have this to say about overcoming writers block

13. Try a prompt

A writing prompt usually helps when trying to get off the web of writers’ block.

Online communities for writers usually help out a lot with issue when trying to get over ones.

Most writing communities usually create writing prompts for their audience.

Inspiring Quotes on Writers’ Block

Writing about a writer’s block is better than not writing at all.”–Charles Bukowski Click To Tweet

“Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration; the rest of us get up and go to work.” — Stephen King

“My cure for writer’s block? The necessity of earning a living.” — James Ellroy

“I don’t believe in writer’s block. Just pick up a pen and physically write.” — Natalie Goldberg

“If I waited till I felt like writing, I’d never write at all.” — Anne Tyler

“Writer’s block is just another name for fear.” — Jacob Nordby

Are there other ways you think people can easily overcome writers block?
Do share in the comments.

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Wonders · August 19, 2020 at 9:32 am

Wow,this is definitely come of the best articles have read concerning writer’s block so far,it is so accurately written.
I’ve gained so much from this, thank you for sharing this hacks of overcoming writer’s block, I’m sure it’ll go a long way in helping other writers.

    Emmiasky · August 24, 2020 at 4:45 am

    Thank you for checking the post out.
    Looking forward to you checking back here soon.

Tibi Chelsea · August 19, 2020 at 11:39 am

Wow! This article has so much opened my eyes. Thanks for sharing.

    Emmiasky · August 24, 2020 at 4:45 am

    Glad this was of help.
    Do well to check back.

DE Navarro · August 25, 2020 at 2:38 pm

Emmiasky this is a very good article regarding the remedies for writer’s block, but the causes are all wrong. I know you quoted the typical causes that are often listed in accepted publications and articles, but as a writer of over 40 years and one who has taught others how to overcome writer’s block for the past 20 years, I have a secret to let you in on and if you really think about it you will realize it more accurately gets to the root cause of writer’s block.

This is the one principle, or prime directive, I teach all those who have come to me for writer’s block and it has had 100% success rate in “curing” it.

The KEY to the output is the input.

That’s right. That’s it. So simple. Most people get writer’s block because they have been writing, writing, writing and stopped getting input. They evaporate and dry up. A lake that has all output and no input becomes a dry lake bed very quickly.

Recognizing that lack of input is the primary reason a person has nothing to write supersedes all the other mental and emotional reasons which are only there because a person has nothing to write.

Think about this, you know this, when you are FIRED up to write, have ideas, and can’t wait to share them NOTHING stops you from writing. You can’t help but write. You have to write.

You can ALWAYS feel that way if you keep the INPUT steady and fresh.

So now you see why your remedies are all very good, because they all involve FRESH INPUT.

Take a Walk is always the first thing I tell others too, because it gets them out of their dried up environment and forces them out into nature and the real world where they can decompress and breathe in the open air and get FRESH INPUT because they are stimulating all the senses.

The second thing I also always tell them is to then READ OTHER MATERIAL. That is, perhaps, the most important key for maintenance of input. Writers need to read and read and study and research areas of interest and even foray into new areas. Keep getting that FRESH INPUT even when you don’t have writer’s block, because it is the fresh input that will carry you to the point where you NEVER get it again.

Other avenues of FRESH INPUT are: 1) visit a friend (especially one who stimulates you with deep conversation); 2) meet someone new and talk to them about their life and interests; 3) watch a movie; 4) visit a bookstore and have your favorite beverage while perusing books and magazines; 5) read a few random blogs; 6) do a physical project (craft, repair, make something); 7) interact in a writers group on social media and read others work and then answer a few prompts.

The other things you shared are all great too, anything that can refresh the soul and rejuvenate the spirit, breathing exercises, mindfulness, yoga, prayer, passive thought, clarifying, reorganizing, etc. are all good, but the real key to sustained victory over writer’s block is to have a regular schedule of getting out and walking, interacting, etc., and reading, reading, reading. Faithfully doing these two things and adding in the other ideas periodically will mitigate the need for emergency actions to overcome writer’s block.

I have been a super-conqueror of writer’s block for over 20 years following this practice and have never had it and have remained prolific throughout. Enjoy FREEDOM from writer’s block.

Thanks for sharing this article.

    Emmiasky · August 27, 2020 at 12:54 am

    This is consumingly beautiful.
    Almost enough to make an article itself.

    Thanks for your opinion on this.

    As for the reasons/causes; I am pretty sure it affects a lot of people too.
    Although I am not as matured as you are in writing, I have heard it from lots of fellow writer friends who got the creative blockage and since it happens to me too for some of the reasons, I felt they were valid enough.

Samkelisiwe Jenipher Mthembu · September 13, 2020 at 9:33 am

Thnx a lot for sharing this with me, it really helped me a lot ❤️🙏

    Emmiasky · October 10, 2020 at 7:52 am

    Thanks for reading.

    I am glad you got value from the article.

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