Top YouTube Channels for Poetry

youtube channels dedicated to poetry

There are so many reasons why people frequent the world most popular video sharing pod; YouTube and for some – it is just to find amazing poetry and spoken word performances to listen to and enjoy.

In today’s blog, we’ve highlighted some YouTube channels viewers can enjoy the best of poetry reading, resources and even insiders on how to write or become a better poet.

Top YouTube Channels for Poetry and Poetry Readings

Button Poetry

Button Poetry is arguably the popular poetry channel in the world with more than a million subscribers on their YouTube channel as well as 1.2 million followers on Facebook and a large following on other major social media channels.

Their YouTube channel is large catalog of poems from some of the greatest spoken world poets and slam artists of this generation including Rudy Francisco, Andrea Gibson, Sarah Kay, Phil Kaye, Dernice Frohman, Sabrina and so on.

The channel was founded by Sam Cook and Sierra DeMulder in 2011 and is now the largest catalog of spoken work poetry in the world.

You can even try typing ‘spoken word poetry’ on Google and see what results you get.

Thank me later *winks

Poetry slam, inc.

Poetry Slam Inc. is a non-profit organization that organizes both National and international poetry slams.

They are the also initiators and organizers of the annual National Poetry Slam, they also host the Individual World Poetry Slam and the Women of the World Poetry Slam.

Andrea Gibson

One of the world’s most popular poet; Andrea shares poetry of her doing and is known for her tenacious poems that speaks a lot about people and doings.

Speaking of which, the first Women of the World Poetry Slam was actually won by this amazing poet.

She shares her latest works and projects on her YouTube channel and uploads new videos frequently for the culture.

Slam Find

This is the most interesting one here!

SlamFind is actually A MOBILE APP!! – What?

Well – it’s a mobile app that allow those interested in poetry to easily discover poetry venues, events, enthusiast and connect with them.

Their YouTube channel, SlamFind TV is a platform for sharing and highlighting spoken work poetry from various poets and events worldwide.

Youths Speak

The Youths Speak channel is dedicated towards enhancing the voices of youths worldwide.

They hold slams, fests and have been the major push behind the success of many great slam artists of today. Great spoken word artists such as Olivia Gatwood have been slam participants in some of their events.

Spill Poetry

With over a million subscribers on YouTube, Spill Poetry is another really interesting YouTube channel for those interested in poetry. The channel was founded in 2016 just like UnErase Poetry. It was founded by Daaniyal and co-founded by Foram Ashish Shah and is aimed at given poets a voice for their creations.

Unerase Poetry

Founded in 2016 by Simar Singh.

UnErase Poetry was founded as a means to reach out to a wider audience. Since the first clips uploaded on the YouTube channel, there has been a huge upsurge in the number of listeners.

Though most poetry videos uploaded on the channel are actually not English (as this is majorly a Hindi channel), there is however a catalog for poems made originally in English language

Poetry Foundation

If you’re one of the inquisitives – you must’ve searched for top poetry websites and you’ll probably have encountered the poetry foundation website a couple of times.

The websites is one of the largest archives of poetry from various poets around the world.

The site is home to poets from the classical bests to the contemporary nows.

Their channel is a hub where they share spoken word performances from various poets and even recitals of classical ones. They also deliver interviews of poets, provide an insider into interviews, stories, and even behind-the-scenes on books.

Academy of American Poets

The Academy of American Poets’ website; is definitely your go-to place for poet’s history, biographies, works and even educational resources.

The academy’s YouTube channel is dedicated to promoting the poetry culture and they viewers can find readings of classical poets like Edgar Poe, Maya Angelou, Charles Buwoski and other classical greats.

The most interesting aspect of their channel is their numerous educational resources on writing poetry or writing in general.

Write About Now

The Write About Now (wanpoetry) channel is dedicated to sharing the best of spoken word poetry from slammers around. They are based in Houston, Texas, USA


The roundhouse channel is a dedicated to showcasing creative talents of all sorts. From music, theatre, live, circus events. They frequently organize slams that are heavily influential in building a poet’s career.

Jon Jogenson

Jon Jogenson is an author. He shares faith-based, inspiring poetry readings on his YouTube channel and is best known for some of his highly popular videos such as Who Are You: I Am Awesome, A Godless Generation, The Wall and so many more

Clayton Jennings

One of the most inspiring poets on YouTube, Clayton is a faith-based spoken word poet who has amassed over a billion views to his creative works through YouTube and has reached and inspired much more people worldwide with his slams.

Looking for a faith-based channel that you don’t have to listen to preaching as preaching?

Well – here is one for you.

Click for Taz

Taz real name Taz Alam is a 25-year old Canadian lady who’s over the years produced some really outstanding poems on her YouTube channel.

Though her channel is not solely dedicated to poetry but is actually more of a lifestyle channel, her videos on poetry have amassed millions of views and continue to.

Most poems on this YouTube channels are dark as her way of dealing with issues. She also teaches the how to write a spoken word poem even!

Shane Koyczan

Shane is a spoken word poet, writer and performer with many outstanding poems to his credit. His most lauded work is his To This Day poem which is a poem about anti-bully. His poems are usually expressions on people and their relation to one another.

Tedx Poetry

Don’t freak out just yet! I know they are Ted Talks and not Ted Poetry but did you know that there are so many resources on poetry on the Ted channel that you may never find anywhere else?

Take a peek into their There’s a Poem For That Season playlist and tell me you won’t keep coming back there?
Frequently poets like Harry Baker, Titilope Sonuga have graced the podium and shared their heart-felt poetry with large numbers to be viewed across the world.

You just can’t get enough of Ted can you?

If there are more interesting YouTube poetry channels we omitted, kindly leave them in the comments.

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