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If you are looking to create campaigns for a book, an event, an author, you should work the ArtHut way.

With our various media channels; a boisterous email campaign with more than 2,000 subscribers, over 6,000 social media following across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, a community with more than 12,000 members (plus affiliations with other communities with over 70,000 members), as well as a well-known resource website for writers and poets.

We have more than enough strength to get your work in front of the audience you need.

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Book Cover Designs

Trust us ‘People Still Judge A Book By Its Cover’
Why not make yours outstanding?

Our covers are designed by expert designers with vast knowledge about the book market and consumer taste. All these aimed at meeting the author’s demand and delivering an even better product.

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E-book Publishing

The ultimate goal of a writer is to get heard/read.

Ebooks are quickly becoming the favorites of so many readers nowadays for various reasons including the durability, costlessness, shareability and so on.
Also, ebook are less expensive to purchase for buyers when compared to paper-back.

Most authors in today’s time would rather have their works in e-format than going through the hassle of ‘queueing to have such a positive discs’

Social Profile Growth for Writers

With a team of expert social media users and growth-hackers, we can help you or your products get better exposure over the prominent social media spaces covering Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even LinkedIn.

Book Formatting and Editing

It’s not okay to have an excellent book. If you do not have an excellent layout for the book, it becomes quite a turn-off for readers.

Let’s help you engineer a book that suits your taste.

We’ve got expert book editors/proof-readers on our team who are always eager to help writers get that book of their dreams created into a well & marketable finished book.

Increased Visibility for authors

Do you want to be seen on Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo
Are you even indexed on any search engine?

We help authors improve their online/offline visibility across the globe.

Product Marketing

Need more sales on your book/literature products?

Get help on how you can get more buyers and readers for your written products.

Author Website Creation

How great would it be if you had a website for your own musings?

Our team comprises of seasoned web-designers who would create an excellent job for you at a highly competitive price.


Are you skeptical of the minor and major errors in your writings?
Let’s help you scan through and point out what needs to be corrected or improved.

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