Writing has found its foothold centuries back since the advent of papyrus from ancient Egypt as not only the medium of keeping historical data but a medium of expression as well.

In a world of intense need and rush to obtain information, you could be thinking and asking yourself; ‘where exactly can I find a platform to let the world see my writing talent and perhaps get incentives in return?’ 

Are you in need of a platform to get writing competitions, call for submission prompts, poetry contests? Do you care about belonging to an online community where your piece would be cherished? Or do you just need somewhere you may unleash the creative ability in you?

We have got you covered, you can go ahead to check out the listings of the following platforms we thought could be of help.

Best Sites for Writing Opportunities


Newspages is one of the best guides to literary magazines, indie publishing, writing contests, calls to submissions, and more. 

It is a site where you can dive into 750+ writing, magazine, chap book and broadside contests.

 Check out for more here; newpages.com

Facebook Communities

Facebook is no distant name from the lips of writers and creatives in general.

The world’s largest social media platform is also host to some of the largest literary communities. Some of these communities are dedicated to sharing writing contests, literary magazine calls, poetry prompts and even highly paid-for projects.

Some of the largest and most effective Facebook groups you may join today [since a lot of us still use the platform] include;

Twitter’s #CallForSubmissions

If as a writer, you neglect Twitter, you are only missing out on some of the best opportunities you’d ever find over the internet.

You may find new calls by magazines over at Twitter.

Apart from using the social app to find where you’d submit your writings to, the writing community over at Twitter is the most effective anywhere. If you can tweet right, engage others, leave the rest to Twitter.

Creative Writing News

At creative writing news you can get calls for submission from various platforms and helpful tips on various topics like a letter of recommendation for students; tips on how to overcome writer’s block, etc. You may want to check it up via this link; creativewritingnews.com

Dystopian Stories

It’s story time! Huh huh! 

Are you a lover of stories? 

Do you read a whole lot of stories on a myriad theme and enjoy writing them too? 

Well then, you should go ahead to check this site. 

The website features a list that includes mainly short story, poetry, and flash fiction competitions with many events for essay writers. Upon submission of a good story, you get a monetary reward in return. There you go!


Creative Writing Ink

On the CWI platform, whether you’re a student, author, or business owner, they are there to help with writing services which include proofreading, copy-editing, critique, mentoring and more. For more info, please visit: creativewritingink.co.uk

Poets and Writers

At PW, you get free weekly update that provides links to the newest online content from Poets & Writers magazine, plus highlights from their blogs, writing contest deadlines, job listings and lots more. Find out more at: pw.org

Commonwealth writers

Have you tried to find a site where you can write short stories and win a prize? You’re not just the lengthy-novel type. At commonwealth writers, you do not just win a prize but the distinguished commonwealth short story prize! Besides, you get to read exceptional stories from the winners from the last 10 years. http://commonwealthwriters.org

Erica Verrillo’s Published To Death

Erica’s blog is a writer from England and her blog is dedicated to sharing the best of call for submissions for young and developed writers.

There are dedicated categories to make the journey easier for her blog readers as some sections of the blog are dedicated to paying markets, others, non-paying platforms, some help writers with building readership through larger audiences.


Trish’s website is definitely a destination for writers. If you are not following ‘the selfish poet’, this is the prompt to start doing so.

If you search for poetry & writing related resources and tips, calls for submissions, and other poetry news. This is the touring center for all that.

In addition to sharing openings by magazines, Trish also goes the extra mile to interview editors or magazine publishers. This is done to bring the [potential] readers and entrants into the world of the magazine. It enables them ‘better understand the motive behind the magazines’.


You can find short stories, writing competitions, writing tips, publishing advice & free writing resources on christopherfielden.com

Caine Prize

The AKO Caine Prize for African writing is a literature prize awarded to an African writer of a short story published in English. 

You can sign up for this if you love storytelling African tradition. 


Nottingham Play House

Nottingham PlayHouse accepts script writing for plays. Also, if you have the flair or talent for performing art regardless of your age and background, they are a good bet. You can see for yourself here: http://nottinghamplayhouse.co.uk


Brittle Paper has been around for over a decade now. The site is dedicated to ‘exploring African Literature’ and they’ve been doing this consistently over the years.

Their site is also listed on our Best African Literary Websites.

It boasts of a great archive of articles and papers from over 10 years ago. They also share writing opportunities on a page dedicated to this.


We’ve been sharing some of the best writing opportunities for writers for a little over 2 years now and trust us, we do share some of the best. Ranging from competitions from smaller, growing magazines, to the big names. In fact, we have a channel dedicated to sharing just that.

You may join our WhatsApp channel.


There you have it!

Our list of destination websites for creative writing opportunities, call for submissions, writing, poetry contests and so on.

So dear writer, do not be afraid to write those poems, stories, essays, and do not be afraid to hit that SUBMIT button.

Of course, it may be hard to be faced with rejections, but improve on your craft and keep on submitting.

This article was contributed by David Adebanjo

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