Top Nigerian Literary Blogs

top Nigerian literary blogs

The internet and the world of web nowadays is full of so many noisy nonsense as most people prefer to spend valuable time of their lives watching dog and cat memes. Whereas knowledge is indeed where it lies.

Maybe your interest are Nigerian websites that allows creative writers to publish and share works of poetry, stories, fiction and non-fiction. Or maybe Nigerian websites and blogs that educate readers on literature and everything else intertwined?.

If one or some of these are true, then you’ve come to the right blog-page.

In this blog, we shall be sharing the best literature websites and blogs centered around Nigeria and Nigerians, where you can enjoy literature to the maximum be it in the barest form of writing or reviews or even updates.

Top Literary Blogs and Websites in Nigeria

Brittle Paper

Brittle Paper is an ace literature blog in Nigeria and even Africa and they are concerned with helping to build a vibrant African Literary Scene.

The online literature site was founded by Ainehi Edoro in 2010 and its focus encompasses the news, blogs, stories, headlines, interviews and reviews of African literature.

Creative writers are also encouraged to submit to have them featured on the site (at certain periods).


Founded in 2017 by Andikan Aniekan.

The blog has developed over the years into a large platform for creatives in Africa to share their works and to make it more interesting, they created a means for creatives to earn from their works.

Lovers of great works can support their favorite artists by subscribing to their favorite with a fair price (monthly) and these content creators are able to earn from their works form the website in a monthly subscription system, something many African artists especially literary artists have been yearning over the years for.

The mission of the Tushstories team is to make sharing of literary contents easy as well as profitable.


Ebonystory is just as the name implies is a hub for black stories shared from the black-borns themselves. This blog has grown over the years into becoming one of the one literary websites today’’.

The website is centered on story-telling as a means of speaking the African language.

It allows contributions from any and every one. Apart from stories, poetry, articles and even literary texts can be published on the platform.

Creative Writing News

This blog managed by Chioma Iwunze-Ibiam; the author of Finding Love Again is an educational resource facility for writers and creatives in Nigeria and the African continent as a whole, they make updates casually on the latest happenings in the literature and writing world even are a go-to area for updates on the latest call for submissions in the creative sphere.


We publish works of arts and literature based papers all pertaining to the development and positive use of arts within the nation and beyond.

Poems, stories, event spoken word poems can get published on our website.

We however, only publish once a week – but since you’re reading this, don’t you think getting published on a platform as cool ours might be that leap your literary or arts career needs?

Submit your works to the ArtHut now.

Saraba Magazine

A quarterly literary magazine started by Dami Ajayi and Emmanuel Iduma in November 2009. The mag is released every four months and its purpose is to promote and showcase new writers in Nigeria and other parts of Africa to the world.

The goal of the magazine is to in their words ‘create unending voices’ across the writers and artists in Nigeria and Africa.


Founded by the author of The Diary of a BrokenPoet, Jaachi Anyatonwo.

This literary blog is aimed at giving young writers a space in the literary world to showcase their creativity, to inspire young writers, to strive for excellence using their talents and skills, as well as impact lives, initiate positive change in the African continent and finally to entertain their readers.


This site blazingly tags itself the ‘Best Short Story Blog in Nigeria’ – wanna drag that title?

If you have an idea of what ‘zen’ is, then I think you just need to click that link and read from them already!

The aim of the site is to provide the readers with the best of stories, poems and wonderful articles and they really do produce amazing contents when it comes to their poems, stories, as well as articles.

Also they frequently make updates on writing competitions as well as call for submissions that might help budding creatives get their space in a page someday.


BoardSpeck is a platform that enables web-users share their ideas on the site. Various contents can be published ranging from poems, stories, articles or educational researches. Users are allowed to make critiques on works, also there is a library asset on the website which allows even GUEST SITE USERS to save articles on contents they’d love to read later in the nearest future.

Word Rhymes and Rhythm

Word Rhymes and Rhythm is one of the top publishing institutions in Nigeria, with as the website of the firm owned by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson,  and while the major motive for the business is to aid African creatives with dreams of getting their works published and making sales and impact from it come true for those dreams.

They do feature writing and poems from creatives on their website frequently.


Tell! ( as defined by the co-founder; Toheeb Ojuolape in his The Story of Tell – is basically a platform for Nigerian writers to share and publish their stories in order to inspire, enlighten, excite and stimulate readers.

The site’s interface is one with amazing features even anonymous contribution.


This is a forum-like blog for storytellers to share their ideas, unlike most other literary blogs in the nation, it is a social network of readers and story tellers sharing their views on various topics. You can find the raunchy and dirty tales in here, the romantic tales, the sarcastic stories, the poetry gang, the article writers and a whole myriad of almost everything in the creative space.

Literature – Nairaland

The largest forum in the nation as well as third in the world, Nairaland is not a literary site per se but a home for any and everything that pertains to Nigeria, Nigerians and since Literature is a part of that, the moderators/administrators of the forum had deemed it fit to create a platform for literary artist to share their works and when done well, can actually lead to success in one’s literary career.

Quill Kastle

Launched by Ridwan Adelaja in 2019, QuillKastle is a fairly new literary blog in the industry.

QuillKastle allows the publication of stories, comments, interviews, essays, poems, travelogues, images, reviews and news on the website and there are numerous incentives for top contributors on the site which embellishes the site much more.

This literary website is managed by the WordUp team, also responsible for the Largest Poetry Slam in Nigeria and maybe Africa paying as high as N250,000 to wining contestants.

The blog makes updates on the literary happening, events and even accepts submission from both budding and build poet.

Check out their Poetreel, a website that allows spoken word poets to upload their works for the enjoyment of fans in the spoken word sphere as well as educational posts (audio formats) for the literatis and even entrepreneurs (as I’ve seen)

Naija Stories

I really enjoyed this site for the community it has, responsive and constructive.

As the name implies, the blog is aimed at aiding poets get published on their platform without much hassle.

The media publishing site Naijastories was founded by Myne Whitman in 2010 with the aim of giving Nigerian writers (especially story-tellers at its inception) a voice for their works and it’s been doing so till today.

The Giant Pen

The giant pen is one of the older literary sites in Nigeria. It was founded and is run by Jude Ojundu.

This literary sites encourages sharing of poems, creative write-ups, stories, spoken word poetry and all major sorts of creative writing.

If you’re seeking a site to get spoken word poetry in Nigeria, just use the search bar on this site.


WordSmith Praise is a Nigerian Poet who has taken up the task of helping budding poets get seen across the internet.

He utilizes his blog to share updates on the latest happening in the world of literature.

This is another amazing story-telling blog that also allows submissions of poetry, the site is updated daily and is filled with different sorts of creative contents as well as from Mr. Emperor, the site owner.

This platform is great for exposure of writers and education for readers.

(True story – I tried out this blog for myself and got a spike in searches for my name on Google *winks)


Creative Freelance Writers is a literary blog that publishes and promote stories, poems, articles and eBooks written by African authors as well as help create an online portfolio on the site.

This Nigerian literary blog enables creative writers share their ideas to the world.

Even has a bookstore for writers to make money off their writings.


Writertain is one of the oldest literature blogs in Nigeria, readers are able to read to make create accounts and submit their own posts too and if good enough, administrators approve and publish such works on the forum-like blog.

Wura Stories

Wurastories vision is to build a force of writers who would use their literary prowess to shape the world, how cool is that?

This literature website is a heavily based community of creative writers especially poets and story tellers and after going through some of the most recent posts on the site, they really are trying to shape the world through their arts.

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